Elders Are Tasty

So this week was pretty full of craziness.  I’m late in my writing today because Elder Codling had to go to the hospital… again.  I’ll get to that later, though.  I just have to be fast.

Okay, so, last Monday we went and visited a wat containing a bajillion monkeys.  Have I mentioned that I don’t like monkeys?  Monkeys really don’t like prick (peppers), so y’know what I did?  I grabbed a whole bag of ’em and a bunch of starfruit.  I put the juices on a half a starfruit and acted like it was my favorite starfruit ever.
Because monkeys are evil creatures that love theft, one raced over to me and snuck it out of my hand.  He shot away and took a bite, only to hang his mouth open in pain.
Mission accomplished.

Eventually, the monkeys were everywhere.  I once had 12 of them on me at one time.  It felt heavy.
And stinky.
So eventually, after feeding them for a while, they got vicious.  One of them bit me on the finger, and another on the elbow.  The elbow bled, so RABIES SHOTS AHOOOOY!
Elder Codling got a huge bite on his finger, Elder Wahl got one on his neck, and another elder from the district next to ours got one on his face.
So the next day(on national nurses day), we showed up at the hospital and got some shots.  I just had the minor shots, one in each arm because my bite was so small.  Same with Elder Wahl.  But Elder Codling had to get two huge AG shots in his bottom, and one in the wound.  On his finger.  Along with the two normal shots.  So the one on his finger was last, and he HATES shots.  Hates needles, really.  So I was outside with Elder Teerapong, and Elder Codling was in the shots area room thing with Elder Wahl.  We both hear this huge, rising scream from Elder Codling, and we both kind of chuckle.  Then we hear a crash, and we both race in.  So Elder Codling had fainted, and the nurse wasn’t watching, so he hit the floor and busted his head open.  We’ve had to go back to the hospital every day since Tuesday to get his head cleaned, and he hasn’t been happy about it.

So yeah, I’m getting a few more shots as they come for a month.  Should last for a year.  The mission pays for it.  No biggie.
Still funny.
For some reason, we were moved to the front of the line in EVERYTHING at the hospital.  Falaangs are treated really nicely here.The next day, we went to a Mission Tour Zone Conference because Elder Gong (Yes, the one from General Conference) was there.  So uh, Cantonese isn’t his first language.  xD  It’s totally English, and he’s from the states.  He served his mission in Hong Kong, though.  He’s definitely my favorite seventy.  He spoke with such gentleness, but it had power behind it.  I have a new love for the sacrament and the symbolism of it.  It’s one of the most sacred things to me, now.
Also, I ate Mexican food in Thailand.  It’s better here than in Mexico.  DOOHOOOHOO!

My district had the opportunity to meet with Elder Gong afterwards for a few minutes.
My interview was short, but powerful.

I sat down, and he immediately went into some things I’ve been having problems with on my mission.  We discussed them for a short time and then talked about the Book of Mormon and my testimony of it.  He looked directly into my eyes, never wavering.  I did the same, and I almost cried.  The spirit is strong with these men, my leaders.  I trust them, and feel that they are the best possible leaders for us at this time.  The Lord has called great men to do His work, and they help us to become better servants.
He said he was proud of me!  Uuguu!  *fangirl squeal*

I also met with PResident Senior directly after, too.  He’s just as cool as ever, yo.

Okay, so, every now and then in a Dalaad (Market thingy) I’ll walk by a stall with a ton of action figures and figurines and stuff.  Sometimes I see something I really like, and I buy it.  Only if it’s under 100 baat, though.  Not worth it after that, but so far nothing has been over.
So I’ve only bought two things from them ever, but the last time I went, the owner (a guy in the middle twenties) rushed over to me and said, “Wait wait!  I have something for you!  Free!”
So I sat there waiting while he got out a little hand made pendant-keychain thingy that says, “Local Toys” and the faces of the two cool owner guys.
I thanked him and went about my way.  Then I realized.  I think I’m a ViP of that shop or something, because I didn’t see a single other one from where he pulled it out from.
And it’s hand made, man.


Okaaaayyyyy, if there’s one thing I got sick of here, it’s sweet food.  EVEN THE POTATO CHIPS AND OVER-SWEET!  I CAN’T GET ANYTHING SAVORY UNLESS IT’S HOME-MADE!  GRRAGRARGALRGLAGLR!
And MSG is of the devil, by the way.
Father, I admit defeat.  Please, take away my candy.
One thing you’d probably also like is that I like spicy food.  If it doesn’t have a little kick in it (If it has meat), it’s not good.  Like, it tastes so much better when it’s a little spicy.  So far I think I can take it better than most Konthais here right now.  YEY!

We had two baptisms this week.  Jum and Dengmo.  They’re both fantastic, and loving people.  Extremely poor, but humble and willing to learn.  I love them so much!
After their baptism, I even saw Dengmo, and eleven year old girl, start crying.  She understood what she’d just accomplished.  Truly, youth of this generation are more understanding of the spirit than before.

Well, I’m getting light headed.  Need mah foods. Can’t think.  I’ll try to find out if I can send videos through drive, or dropbox or something next week.  I have a ton of videos.  O-O
And yes, we’re allowed to take videos of normal stuff.  😀

Alright, I’m out.  Adios, amigos!
-Elder Elliot Mayo

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  1. Dear Elder Mayo,
    I used to live in Magalia when you were still in primary. I was baptized in Utapao (74). Utapao was an USAF base, now an international Airport, it was about 2 hours southeast of Bangkok on Hwy 3 just across the Rayong province boarder. I was wondering if the church still has a branch there? The elders then got to wear Blue Jeans with their white shirts and ties.

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