The Black Days of Thailand

That sounds way too menacing to be good, right?  WRONG!  Transfers just happened and I’m with Mr. Cool, AKA Elder Black.


Still in Lopburi, but we’re going to work wonders here in military monkey town.  He’s been here for about a year and a half, and he’s experienced out the wazoo.  He’s driven, and willing to work constantly.  I now feel like an awful missionary because I’m noticing the many things I’ve fallen behind on in the past month.  One thing I love about Elder Black, is that he knows how to speak from the heart and does regularly, and he knows how to make me cry.  Every companionship study is deep and full of extremely uplifting and insightful talks.  I’m learning so much from him every day now.
He also invites like a boss.  First time we started inviting, instead of just saying, “HEY, WANNA GET BAPTIZED?”  It was more of a conversation.  He walked up to a woman and asked her if she’d ever been to our church.  She said no, and he invited her to church, and explained what we learned there.  After a bit, he got her number, committed her to go to church, and left.  Oh.  SO SMOOTH.
Okay, so Elder Black is cool.  That is established.

It seems like all the near-death experiences happen just after emailing on Mondays.  After emailing last week, we had to ride a Song Taaw (the pickups with a bunch of covered seats in the back) back to Big C.  Unfortunately, the only one was PACKED with people.  So much so that we had to literally hang off the back on some bars connected to the truck, a mere two inches away from touching the fast-moving ground and our deaths.  It took immense strength and buff angels to keep us from losing our grip for the fifteen minute ride.
It was fun.  ^-^

Transfers were crazy.  First, we ran out of house money because our house leader didn’t bother to try and get reimbursements, so I had to buy train tickets from Lopburi to Bangkok.  That was expensive.  Next, had to pay for the luggage.  So when we got there the next morning at 4:45, we had a minute and a half to load our stuff.  People freaked out, the workers got mad, and nothing happened but the rolling of wheels on the track, taking the train away.  GG.
So yeah, we bought 9 seats on the public train and threw all of our stuff on there.  Convenient!  And uncomfortable!  😀

We didn’t have any investigators, nor baptisms this week.  Which is strange for Thailand.  I think we just slowed down because we knew one of us was going to get transferred.  Not a good reason.  I still feel bad about that.
Never slow down.  When you’ve been in the field for a year and a half, you get your death papers.  In these papers in a commitment to “sprint until death.”  Or work even harder until the end of your mission.  This is true with being in the church in general.  Just keep working, work as hard as you can to strengthen the members in your ward, help them to do missionary work, and love each other.  Love everyone is key to becoming more like Christ, which should be our main goal.

I’ve just started a new goal lately, which is to learn how, and implement how Christ teaches, and how He acts.  I’ll be reading a lot of the New Testament with a new notebook purely for writing down how Christ acts and teaches.  I’ll be reading Jesus the Christ regularly to supplement this.  If I can learn how He teaches and invites, maybe I can become a better teacher.  I’m super excited to know the Savior better and try to become more like Him.

I invite my people at home to do the same thing.  Anyone reading this, I invite you to study about Christ (even if you already have before), write down any thoughts about His nature that you find interesting, His personality, and try to emulate the way He acts and treats people.  Note His love for everyone, and think of it whenever you feel like not loving someone.  If we can try our best to actively emulate Christ, we’ll all become super duper awesome yeah better!


Alright, I’m out for this week.  Short letter, as nothing big really happened much.  No investigators, so no fun.  D:
I love you!
-Elder Elliot Mayo

OH YEAH!  I forgot about our third Elder that popped in this transfer!  He’s a super hard worker, always does his job, but his head’s always a little in the clouds.  Sometimes he has major dragon breath, but he’s super fly.  A little angry every now and then, but he’s a really sharp dude.
Please welcooooooome…