The first principle of the Gospel is…

So me and my two companions are teaching one first investigator, and we get on what the Gospel of Christ is.  He thinks for a second, then says in broken Thai, “The first principle of the gospel is Satan.” (The difference between the words Samtaan (Satan) and Sadtaa (faith))  The investigator gets this look like she just saw a ghost and Elder Paxton doesn’t know what’s wrong.  She says, “Sadtaa?” And he cocks his head to one side for a bit.  Then it hits him.  After some “uuhs” and “aaahs” and turning super red, he quickly corrected himself.  Hurr hurr.
Then in the last lesson, Elder Paxton made the mistake of saying that everyone was evil, instead of everyone believed.  (Chua (evil) and Chxa (X makes a grinning sound, it means to believe))

She got a little offended.  Hoho!
So now that investigator turned into our teacher, and we’re teaching our last teacher who is now Oat.  A man who teaches Thai, is learning English, and learned about the church through the English classes we put on there.  I’m excited, but I’m still really baby-like in the language.  It’s a fun language, definitely!  It’s a lot like English in the way words work, and definitely in how the letters work.  Consonants and Vowels, woohoo!

I’ve learned in these last few days that Elder Bednar is a spiritual genius.  We watched a talk of his last night called “The Character of Christ.”  I’ve seen it before, but I didn’t internalize it.
What he talks about is that the Character of Christ is turning outward at all times rather than turning inward.  Which means that at all times, think of other people rather than yourself and you’ll find that you’ll be a much better conduit to the spirit and more loving than before.

Sorry for the short letter, I’m running super short on time, and I left my notes book in my room when I went to the computer lab!  Talk to you all next week!

-Elder Mayo