Looking Forward to the Weekend

On Saturday I was feeling angry and down because of the lack of obedience from my district.  This sounds awful, and it kind of was, but the worst part was that I was seething about it.

On Sunday everything was crazy.  Procedure mess ups everywhere and a lot of little awkward “But wait, it’s supposed to… oh never mind.” moments with the branch presidency.  After three hours, I was out.  I was pretty done emotionally and physically.  After a bit, I realized that I’m relying too much on the arm of flesh.  I rely on myself too much.  I should take my own advice I give to members and rely on the Savior more.  Even for more energy!
The pressure of taking care of multiple investigators, organizing weekly branch business, training the leadership, and trying to take care of RC and members broke me down pretty hard this week.  I was humbled to know that I cannot do it alone.  For one, I must rely on guidance from the Holy Ghost.  Two, I am human and can only take so much at this young age.
So I must allow my companion to take care of some things.
This took some moments of reality checks and humility, but my and my companion are going to try and share the load a little more.  I’ve realized I’m not superman and can’t go saving everyone and everything all the time.
I’ve also realized that with more regular prayer added in the day, I have more energy and more revelations concerning many matters.

Not much time this week.  I love you!
-Elder Elliot Mayo