Thai Dogs and Changes

Quick info about Thailand.  The dogs.  Strays here are called Soi dogs, and they’re EVERYWHERE!  Literally, just riding your bike down the street 500 meters you’ll pass about 10-15.  The country’s not allowed to get rid of them because of laws, so they just keep on gorwing, more and more until they get in packs, get mean, and bite.  A few chase us, but they know better when I cock my leg up.  Bettah watch out, I been kickin’ for 21 years!  HIYAH!

Some information in my weekly President’s letter:
To change myself and my desires, I had to rely on the Atonement of Christ. I knew this for a long time already, but the difference this time was believing that He is changing me, not that He can change me. For a long time I’ve had the thought of “Christ can change me, so why isn’t He?” Why, if I was fighting and asking for so long, why wasn’t He changing me?
I have to believe. Believe more than just Christ is there and cane help me. I must believe He is helping me. That His atonement is changing me, and that I am changing through Him, and my desires will change.
I feel the power of the atonement changing me little by little. The moment I think that Christ is the one changing me, I can feel the power happening.
My desires are different, and once I harness the power of the atonement to change me even more to become a more diligent and work-focused missionary, my home life afterwards will benefit a lot from it.

This is what I learned this week.  To trust in God.

We have a new addition to the KPP team/district.  Elder Bartschi!  He’s a half Taiwanese half white broski from Las Vegas!  He knows just about everything media-wise that I do, so the conversations take off to the next planet and beyond every time we pass each other.  Great friends already!  He’s a good worker, and driven to help.  Great guy.

Well, I had a lot of business today, so that’s it.  Talk to you guys laters.  Joop joop.

-Elder Elliot Mayo