The sun is bright, all ready to be covered

For the past two weeks there’s been nothing but bright sunlight penetrating my defenses.  It’s been hot, uncomfortable, and a little humid here in Utah.  But last night we had a glorious rain storm, and this morning it was fresh and overcast.  Made me think of Portland for a second.  Me and an Elder from Washington reveled in the rain outside.  I think we may have had a bonding moment over water falling from the sky.  

I do miss the “temperate” weather in California.  The cold that could freeze lava, and the heat that could melt a glacier in ten seconds flat.

I’ve come to love the MTC I think.  Learning a language is actually fun, and I’m getting closer to all the Elders in my district.  I’m so glad to have good examples to follow, including the Phii-Thais (older Thai districts) that are leaving soon.  Soon being in about three hours.  Last night we had quite the time of writing in each other’s journals and hugging (the Elders, mind you), telling stories and binge-eating.  The MTC itself is a bit droning, but it’s good for preparing for what we have to do in the field.  I’m excited to get out there, find, and teach!

From what I’ve heard so far, the people of Thailand are so prepared, that you can just walk up to one, share pleasantries, and ask them if they want to be forgiven of their sins, they say yes, and bam, new investigator.  Of course I’m thinking not everyone will be like that, but according to the teachers AND the missionaries in the field right now, the people are extremely ready to hear the gospel.  I’m so PUMPED UP!

Thank you, everyone for your letters and encouragement!  I’m sure I’ll have more to write about once I get into the field.

4 thoughts on “The sun is bright, all ready to be covered”

  1. HI Elder Mayo, Love you post! It sounds like such a neat experience at the MTC. I know my daughter, Holly loved it.
    When do you leave for Thailand ? Keep up the good learning!

  2. does Elder Mayo get these notes?

    Elliott: Bravo! More good times and challenges like you’ve never know lie ahead. Keep your heart open to receive them both! I envy the investigators who will be in your path. Blessings and talk to you again soon!

    – carol

    1. Carol, he cannot get on his blog, but I make sure to send him all comments. So yeah, he does see them!

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