I’m Not Counting Down

Nope.  I’m not counting.  I still have time.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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We had a baptism, sister Ma’am.  Story with her is that  Elder Roberts and I were on a companion exchange last transfer, and we decided to go invite some people at a festival market.  We walked up to her and her sister on a bike and asked if she wanted to learn about Jesus Christ.  Her sister declined, but Ma’am straight up said yes.  So we got her number, and left her with a pamphlet.
The next day, Elder Roberts made an appointment with her, but it just so happens that me and my companion were at the church at that time.  I thought she had just walked in on her own, and the other elder weren’t around, so we started to teach her.  When the other elders showed up, it was a bit awkward and way funny.  They just gave her to us, and it wasn’t a big deal.  I’m glad there aren’t really any competitions in missionary work in this mission.  Turns out, they had contacted a friend of one of our investigators, so we gave her to them later.
Ma’am learned very well, and had a lot of questions.  I like questions.  She read whatever we gave her, she prayed regularly, he came with extra questions, but she always said she wanted to feel ready for baptism beforehand.  We gave her time, about a month before she ended up talking to a member and thought it was time to get baptized.
Her dad is a policeman, and is really not into the idea of her being Christian.  Her mom is okay with and her sister actually likes it.  Her dad’s only complaint is, “why can’t you just be a good buddhist?  What’s so much better about Christianity?”  These questions are of course, sarcastic.  He never listens when she tries to explain.  Her mother listens, though, which gives me hope that the whole family could come together.

Emo corner report: This week I was feeling especially exhausted.  Like I’ve been running the work of three missionaries at the same time.  I’ve been taking care of almost all of our companionship’s lessons, planning, and ideas, as well as most of the branch business and training.  Within a few weeks of this, I’ve been waking up with no desire to eat, work out, or do anything but sit.  My muscle has gone down, and I’m getting exhausted pretty easily during the day.  Today I told my companion that I need help.  We had a nice long talk about using time wisely, teaching, and work loads.  If I continue to love him and encourage, not rag on or badger, I think the situation will get better.

A couple days ago I re-realized something I should never have forgotten.  In order to become a good missionary, and a good servant of God for the rest of my life, I must have His will in my thoughts at all times.  If I don’t know what to do, pray instantly, and work though it in my mind until I reach a decision that feels good.  Trust in The Lord and give Him your all.  Give Him everything you’ve got and find what you can do to help.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  I love you all.
-Elder Elliot Mayo