Goals, free time, and the week of meetings and fun

Last week was full.  Extremely full.  Like, so full I barely had time to do anything.  Except play.


That was last week’s email.  Pheh.


We had a Zone Conference after General Conference about many things, but some of the things I took from it were becoming unshakable in my faith, having goals for the future (and knowing what some of those are now), and teaching everyone at all times.
In this concept, all missionaries have had their key indicators for success changed.  These numbers (or key indicators) track how many lessons, investigators, and potential investigators we have so we can plan accordingly.
Now we’re down to five.  And daily we’re down to two.  Just Lessons with investigators, and new investigators.  We don’t get numbers for referrals, teaching new members, or anything else.  This causes us to act for the salvation of other’s souls and not just for numbers.
Anyway, I learned more about becoming unshakable.  We had the example of a cherry tree shaker rollin’ up and shakin’ cherries off a tree.  Some still stayed on the tree, unable to be shaken off.  To us, they’re annoying and we have to climb up the trees and grab ’em, but as examples they are stirring.
I wish to be even as the cherry still on the tree, unshakable and connected to the gospel forever.  To do this, I must have goals and rewards in mind all the time.
One goal: Become completely pure in thought and deed.  By utilizing the atonement, I want to change my inner desires to become a pure individual.  Eventually ridding myself of all forms of ungodliness.  Of course this will be a life-long goal.  More of a vision, really.  But now that I’ve felt the effects of the atonement, and have a firm testimony in its power, my vision can be reality.
Another goal: Obtain as much education as possible.  I have a plan.  It’s goin’ down.
A third goal: Get married.  I don’t exactly care when, as long as I do.  I’m sick of goin’ solo, yo.  I have the desire, and now I let God take care of how and when it happens.  :3  Let’s goooo!

I have more goals, but they are on a lower scale.  The Lord has blessed me over these two years to change myself.  I’m not a good man, or a great person, but I’m different and changed through the atonement of Christ.  I’m definitelytrying now.  The mission has been changing my life, but more on that in the months to come.

Transfers is this week.  The people two groups ahead of me are dying (or exiting the mission).  This means I have 3 months to work.  I feel like I just barely learned how to work, and am still trying to learn how to be diligent.  I don’t feel like I have worked that much, but I look back on it and see the progress and things that happened.  All the miracles are uncountable.

Another goal I have is to help in some way with the refugees later on in life.  I want to act on Elder Kearon’s plea for help in General Conference.  My goal is to learn some sort of middle eastern language (Probably Arabic), and go to town helping in terms of where God takes my life for work.  I feel… Almost forced to help.  I’d love it, but it feels like God really wants me to help in some way.

I have a small story to tell you.
About a month ago we met an Italian man named Egidio.  He was an interesting man, wearing a large trench coat in the middle of the Thailand heat, talking of his hate towards the Catholic fathers, and saying how he knows astrology is real.  He managed to somehow get dropped off in front of our house by a motorcycle, where he immediately started to talk to us about how his last hotel was awful and how he needs us to take him to a new one.  Oh yeah, he says he is absolutely NOT a tourist.  Nope.  Never.
He’s running.  From the Jews.
Anyway, we take him to a hotel and he sounds kind of interested in learning about and from the Book of Mormon, so we take one to him the next day.  We hear form him every now and then, asking for help, but past that nothing.  He shows up at the church on Sunday after a few weeks, and says he didn’t have a chance to read the Book of Mormon.  We asked him why and he said that it “Took up too much space, and was too heavy in (his) bag.”

Sometimes we think that God takes up too much space, or is too heavy in our lives.  This is false.  When we allow God into the travel bag of our lives, Christ will help carry our load.  God and His teachings should be the central focus of our lives, and not something we “might” add on when we have the room.  Everything else should be optional, and added into the bag after God.
This includes our scripture reading.  Sometimes we think, “When I have time, I’ll study the scriptures.”  When really we should be thinking about sacrificing some activities, or some time usage to read the scriptures.  IF your day is completely full, go to bed earlier and wake up in the morning to read!  Or sacrifice some sleep to obtain what God is trying to tell you!
If we make God the center of our lives, all others things will follow.  All good that could happen will happen.
You will be happy.

That’s all for this week.  I love you, my people!  I’ll send a good one to you next week!
-Elder Elliot Mayo