Rejuvenation of Spirit and Hope

Organizationally, the branch almost made me cry with tears of joy. We had our first kind of branch counsel on Sunday, but before that we had an amazing branch presidency meeting. President Surat is awesome, and he’s just what we need. We had awesome ideas for the branch, and we see the issues that need to be resolved. One of which is something that both I and President Surat thought of and came up with ideas without talking about it first. Then at the meeting we both brought it up. It is that the branch members have such little knowledge of the gospel they all need to be retaught. For too long have we been teaching subjects that are unnecessary, and not focusing on the basics of the gospel. So we’ve started something new. Now that we have a couple Sunday School teachers called, we can coordinate what we will have them teach on Sunday. Now that we have Home Teaching organized, we can ask our companionships through the EQP to teach about a specific subject. In short, we have a line of communication.
So our first subject is the atonement of Christ. According to our understanding, it is the basis of all other teaching and facts. It is the center, where everything else we teach is merely an appendage to Christ and his atonement. We brought this up yesterday in Branch Counsel, and our leadership took it well. They committed to visit and teach to this subject on a What, Why, and How teaching pattern. They also gave ideas. When the members in the branch are committed to Christ, we’ll get more members. Simplicity. Mmm…
After talking about this, the members started talking about some things they can do for service projects and activities. They are way into setting up some service opportunities for members and missionaries to take part in. The BML, Brother Bank knows what we’re focusing and that we aren’t just invite-machines now. He’s on-board so to speak. In Branch Counsel, as people were talking about ways to serve, and activities to do, I started to see the branch becoming one. They were working together in unity and happiness towards serving God. I saw a lot of hope in that meeting. I didn’t have much before.
I’m very happy.

I have two transfers to do as much as I can.  In light of this time-constraint (not restraint), I think I may have my last companion with me.  Elder Smith!  Raised in Virginia, super tall, super friendly and kind, and a great friend.  He’s been out here for almost a year now, so he knows what he’s doing.  He’s very righteous, and follows the rules to the best of his ability.  He works hard, plays hard, and his love for the people is great.  He’s a great example to me.  I’m learning a lot.  I’m happy he’s the one who might kill me.
I love the district I’m in.  Outside of Elder Smith, we have a newcomer named Elder V (Or Voranaparit).  He was born in Thailand, but at age 15 he moved to Australia.  He speaks English and Thai fluently, and he’s way nice.  Then there’s my bro, Elder Bartschi.  We all break out in song and League of Legends references all day.
So happy.
Anyway, I love you all and I’ll talk to you next week.
-Elder Elliot Mayo

055: 4/20 at 4:20                                             blzblzblz

802: A field we found as we were hunting for people.  😐
120: A path going up to a small bridge going over a large river.  Way fun to bike.
2439: Bikin’ up a storm in the KPP.

2461: Flying through the fields to find ourselves a house, wherein we will find a woman to sing to.  Classy.
137: More flying.  We’re not biking.  It’s called flying because we are the wind.  😐
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