Elephant Cement and Sweat

This has been the sweatiest week of the mission.

Brother Elephant (Chang) took us to his farm to have us help build a tower of cement for water.  Way fun.  We just sat there, mixing a pile of liquidy cement around on the ground, adding water, rocks, and stirring for about six hours in the sun.  We drank a ridiculous amount of water, then had district meeting, ate ice cream, and went back to study, then had English class.  Full day.
It was a good opportunity to talk with Chang, and to get to know each other as well.  We had a ton of fun, and a spirit of unity was there as well.  Good times.

On Saturday, we had a service project set up for the Relief Society president’s house.  We showed up at 9:00 when we were supposed to be there, and no one else showed up.  I called around, everyone said either their vehicles broke down, or for us to leave a message at the tone.  After about an hour of helping with a few things around the house, we started to help make lunch.
After about half an hour later, people started to show up.  Little by little people started to show until there were a good 9-12 people.  After we ate, we took a bunch of rubbish and loaded it in a truck along with tiles, roofing, and various other materials that looked like they were placed there at random and left.  We dumped it at a super place, what looked like an old quarry that came out of the swamps in Lord of The Rings.  Felt good.

Sunday I noticed the role of the atonement in daily life.  I was stressing like mad because of the 10+ things I was taking care of at church, before church, and for after church.  I decided to lay down for a second, and thought of The Savior.  I thought of His sacrifice, and of Him taking away my stress and worries.  I felt like exploding, but as this event was happening, I could literally feel the stress slipping away.  I was calm, at peace.  I wasn’t super awesome happy joyous or whatever, but I was at peace.    There was calm.

The Lord can take away our stress, our sins, our everything that makes us hurt.  He is the key ,and His atonement is central to happiness in this life.

We just went to go teach a man today with a member before we emailed.  He was taught a long time ago, but his mother didn’t approve.  He looks like he’s in his late 40s.  We got there, and he looked extremely sad.  The member told us that his mother just died, so we tried to talk to him about anything that could open him up.  Thankfully the spirit was with us, and words came to our minds to open up his heart.  It took about ten minutes, but he finally started saying things and told us that his mother had died, so we followed up with more about Christ.  His atonement will make him happy, his mother will be resurrected, and there is happiness in life.  He kind of was closed for a bit, but after a good long while and some scriptures he opened up to us.  We’re going back this week.  He’s a good guy.  That was a good, hard lesson.  Haven’t had that for a while.

That’s it for this week.  Thailand’s a great place.  I have an awesome district with a bunch of bros.  I’m happy.  Love you guys.
-Elder Elliot Mayo