Time Traveling

Is essentially what I just did this week.    We had to go to Bangkok on Wednesday for a meeting for people ending their missions soon.  This idea of this meeting was o give us some kind of vision as to where we were going when we go home.  Not just place, but what were were going to be doing.  According to my mission president, a lot of missionaries go home, don’t know what to do with their lives, fall into inactivity, and do nothing with their lives.  I decided a long time ago to not let myself do nothing with my life ever again.  I need to go somewhere.  I made a plan for myself, with goals and vision, ideas and a way to do it, but I realize that it’s not quite done.  I need to embellish it a bit more.
Even with this plan, life will be crazy at times.  Maybe even all the time.  But with God’s guidance I can be at peace.  That being said, my plan will be broken sometimes depending on the circumstances, but the end result will always be the same.
Telling you all my whole plan would be boring.  I’ll just tell you the end result.
I want to have served God in His church, and served His children in high capacity callings to give the most I can.  By the time I die, I want to have served thousands if not millions of people.
This will take planning, sacrifice, and effort.  But I want it to happen.

Anyway, the meeting brought up the way to accomplish my end goal.  Work, school, health, marriage, finances, all that jazz.  It made me think to after my mission.  That’s a good thing!

I’m so glad to be here in KPP.  Some people ask me if I’m getting trunkie, but to be honest, I’m just getting excited for the work more and more.  Being second counselor and a missionary gives me a lot of opportunities to serve.  I get to visit people all the time and try to help them with almost every portion of their lives.  Lately we’ve been picking up the missionary work as well.  Our district has picked up about 5 new investigators this week.  Two siblings, a boy and a girl that live an hour away, and travel 4 hours to Bangkok to go to church there.  Two friends of two members who went to English class.  And an old investigator from a year ago that popped up again.

After we were in Bangkok, we had to go straight to Pitsanulok for zone training.  Me and Elder Smith were pretty tired.  3 hours of sleep the previous day, and only 4 the next.  But we had a good meeting.  I’ve been finding the more I try to be diligent or try to be involved in a meeting, the more I get out of it.  If I think, “Oh, I’m probably gonna fall asleep” I probably will.  But as long as I focus on what I’m doing and try, I find extra strength and do what needs to be done.

I love you guys.  I’ll send a new one next week!
-Elder Elliot Mayo