The Happenings

Last week we did not teach a single lesson with an investigator.  This aside, it was a GREAT week.
We went to Lampang for a branch presidency meeting across the Chiang Mai district.  It was essentially a big training meeting, something which I suggested a LOOOONG time ago and never expected it to happen.  The training was concise, explanatory, fun, and helped us to know our roles as a presidency.  It was a lot of review for me, but I was so happy that Thailand was getting training like this.  This kind of meeting has almost never happened in Thailand before, so there was no direction.  Leadership had no idea what they were doing.  But now that we have an idea, the work will progress at an alarming rate.

We taught two new member girls about our potential as children on God.  It became a really good conversation about who we are, where we’re going, and helping both of them with their own personal problems.  Really, the subject of our position as spirit children of God can relate to many topics.  We are so special.  That sounds really full of ourselves, but it’s true.  We are not just simple beasts roaming a land we were grown on.  We aren’t just working off of instinct and lust.  We don’t have to allow our circumstances control us.  We are a higher being.  We are intelligence (a spirit), plugged into a body, inhabiting a planet made specifically for us.  We agreed to a plan made by our spiritual Father to have a body, learn how to control it, experience sorrow, shame, love, happiness, keep our relationship with our Father in Heaven, and eventually become an exalted being.  We are capable of becoming like our Father in Heaven, and He saw this in the world before.  God loves us to the extent of letting us go to our own agency.  He loves us to let us choose how high and powerful of a being we wish to become.  We are so special to Him, we are his work and his glory.  Yet right now, we are but babies if we compare to Him.

This knowledge allows us to make plan, have a vision or ourselves and who we want to be.  It also helps us make the correct decisions to meet our potential.  The plan of God is perfect for everyone.  It is just, and fits every person’s interests.
Thailand is a very interesting place.  I’m not too fond of the heat, or the humidity, but it’s always interesting.  I don’t think a day ever goes by without craziness happening in some form or another.

On Friday we went to go do some un-asked for service at an LA’s house.  I called her husband, he said, “YEAH, the wind blew over some of our racks (for mushrooms), so we could use some help building them again!”
We went to their house/farm and Sister Sue came out, looking confused.  Then we started working, building these bamboo racks.  It took about four hours, but we got one of them done.  There were two left.  Me and Elder Smith left for Lampang right after, and the other two came back the next day to finish.  We had some good response from the service.  She felt way good.  I felt way good.
We all felt way good.  😀  Service is awesome.
There’s one thing about Thailand, though.  They feel EXTREMELY awkward if you try to help them in any way.  Like, I think they feel like, way too afraid of offending people, or feeling like they have to do something back to the person helping them.  When we want to serve people, 90% of people would say, “OOOOH NOOOOOO, I feel bad, don’t come over and help me with some very important things.  It will make me feel like I owe you something!”
Or rather, “Oh, no, I have nothing for you to help with.”

“-_-  Okaaaaaaay.” Says the disappointed Elder.  Next week he rides his bike by the person’s house, to see four paid workers doing what he could have done for free.  SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH

Sometimes we get so bored we just go grab some bags and pick up the plethora of trash in the city.  Service is fun.  I want more service.

That’s it for this week.  I’ll email you bros next week.  Good stuff comin’ up here, man.
Adios, bros,
-Elder Elliot Mayo