Alien Trees, Killer Bees, and Sabbath Days

Thursday we rolled on over to a member’s farm to help him out with some stuff.  First things first, we cut some banana trees.  They’re SO WEIRD!  Banana trees are like a big plant, not a tree at all.  Just like a biiiiiiig flower… plant thing.  The trunks are extremely fragile.  A few of the trees had to be cut down, so we took our handy dandy machetes and scythes and swung, chopping them in half in a single swing.  They seriously look alien.
After that we took a trip over to another field of real trees and helps prune ’em a bit.  After about twenty minutes, me and Elder Noice, my Zone Leader are standing in the middle of the field and we hear a yell from Elder Smith, my companion.  Then we hear a, “CRAP, BEES!”
Me and Elder Noice see a cloud of little bugs flying up from where Elder Smith was before he started running, so me and Elder Noice start booking it back to the truck.  Thankfully, Elder Smith only got stung once.  After I took the stinger out, half his neck was red.

Killer Thailand bees, man.
In the end, I burned to a nice red crisp in the back of the truck on the way home.
Mmmm.  Tasty burned mayo.

On Sunday we had a special experience.  Usually on Sundays before Sacrament Meeting weh ave one of the members get up and sing REALLY REALLY LOUDLY AND IT’S KIND OF DISTRACTING, members are chatting really loud, and it echoes a lot, I get really stressed about the meeting or making sure it’s all okay, and I end up a messy pile of goo by the end.  But yesterday, I sat down, read some scriptures, pondered a bit, looked over the members from where I was sitting on the stand, and relaxed.  I felt a peaceful calm sweep over me that said, “Your Father in Heaven loves you.”  I soaked in the spiritual moment, with the loud-singing member humming quietly off to the side of the room, and the rest of them thinking to themselves.  It was extremely enjoyable, and just what Sacrament meeting was supposed to be like.  I don’t think I’ll forget that moment of calm and peace.

This week was pretty standard in terms of investigators.  I met a man at the river who seems pretty interested in changing, but isn’t really willing to do anything for it right now.  I’m just trying to sprint to the finish and work as best I can.
Transfers is this week and it’s a large chance that I’ll be moving for my last one.  😀  I hope I go to somewhere with monkeys.
I wanna kick ’em.  :O

Love you guys.  I really do.  I’ll talk to you next week.
-Elder Elliot Mayo