Just a Note to the President…

For my email… It is a mission president’s email…
This week was pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.  Me and Elder Smith worked hard to help convert people to the truthfulness and usefulness of the Book of Mormon.  We talked to RCs and old members, new people and investigators, and so far there’s been a good response.  In terms of number, we’re low as usual, but in terms of work getting done, we’re feeling great, doing great, and having great experiences in bringing others closer to Christ.
I know it’s hard for Elder Smith to be companions with me.  I focus on the members a lot, and go inviting rarely (but I go!).  It’s mostly lessons all day, with the occasional invite session here and there.  I gave him the responsibility of choosing where and when we go to contact, and this week is his senior companion week.  He’ll take the lead this week in setting up lessons, teaching, and in the work in general.  It’s actually a little hard not to step in and control everything, but it’s a little releasing too, just to try and quiet myself and lead from behind.
Evil does not make up my character.  I may do evil things, but my identity is not inherently evil.  I’m a son of God with massive potential to become as He is.  If I keep this in my thoughts, it guides my thoughts, actions, goals, planning, everything!  It keeps me close with Christ and my Heavenly Father.  It keeps me on the straight and narrow.  I know who I am, and I know what I can do.  I love it!
I think Elder V would be a fine 2nd counselor in KPP.
That is all.  ^-^
And Elder Smith would be an awesome District Leader.
That is all.  Heheh.
I’d be fine with moving, I’d also be fine with not moving.  At this point it’s all up to the will of my mission president and God.  I accept whatever comes and will love it.  Last transfer let’s go!!!  It’s gonna get so crazy and awesome!  LET’S WORK!
Love you, President Johnson.
-Elder Elliot Mayo
PS. Mangos are 70 cents a kilo right now.  huehuehuehuehuehue MANGO PARTY!