Bangbuathong, little Thai guys, and WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS IS SUNDAY?

I’ve moved for my last transfer.  I’m now in an area with a ward, working leadership, and tons, heaps, piles, a plethora of LAs.  The bishop here is working closely with us and the Elder’s Quorum president to find and serve these people.

I’m with a new companion, a little ball of fun named Tanagon.  He’s a Thai guy from a little town called Nong Kai out by the border of Laos.  He’s been here for one transfer so far.

I like this area.  I have 6 weeks to pound out what I can here.  I’m deep in the business of Bangkok, in an area called Bangbuathong.  It just so happens to be the area with the largest mall in Thailand.  Good game, and goodbye wallet.

There’s people everywhere.  I feel like I’m swimming half the time.  Rain season just started up, so it might flood soon.  😐  Flooded streets in Bangkok are pretty much just big ol’ sewers.  I’ve run in them.  You stink afterwards… What?

During church yesterday, I noticed a lack of respect for the sacrament and a lack of understanding.  There was no stress, though.  No loudness in my own head, nor distraction really.  I felt calm and peaceful, but I also felt a little saddened that other members here didn’t understand the importance of this ordinance. In third hour, the bishop informed me that he felt exactly what I was without me telling him what I felt.
So we spent third hour in a combined meeting talking about the Sabbath day and the correct way to observe it so we get the most out of it.  This covered why we had the Sabbath and why we have the Sacrament.  How to utilize it, and what it really means.  So good!  I was happy that we were able to address the issue quickly and efficiently.  This bishop is a boss.Well, not much today.  I’ll have pictures and more stories next week. This week I’m in a bit of a rush.

Love you guys,
-Elder Elliot Mayo