The rays of light are shining on BBK

Not due to any of our effort, the ward seems to be getting better.  There’s an outpouring of love from the bishopric, and the members are soaking it up.  Over the course of many months this ward has obviously changed.  I’m happy I got to come here to see it happen.

We speak directly sometimes, which cuts some people to the core, but in the end, they humble themselves and love us in return.
Bangbuathong has a lot of stigmas attached to it.  A lot of missionaries seem to be scared of coming here.  I personally don’t see what’s so scary.  The members help us out, let us serve them, and are growing spiritually all the time.  Of course there are people who don’t understand what being a disciple of Christ means, and what to do, but there are those people everywhere in the world.  They will learn eventually.  All we can do is love them, and serve them until they understand, then continue loving  and serving them!

I feel like the adversary is trying his best to get me to regret my mission.  Every now and then a thought will pop into my thinking sphere that says, “You haven’t changed at all.” or “What’s the point of your mission if you mess up now?”  He really knows where my weak points and my fears are.
One of my greatest fears near the beginning of my mission was that of not changing.  That I would go home, and be exactly the same person I was when I left.  I have fought, struggled, and pushed through periods of doubt and fear just to become who God wants me to be.  That is my biggest desire right now is to have a desire to follow God in every respect.  With this desire, Satan can’t touch me.  As soon as one of those thoughts comes in, it should be an instant reaction to say, “No.”  I am the master of my body, and my thoughts.  My thoughts will be righteous.  They will be positive.  I will become who I and my Heavenly Father want me to be.
That being said, the final sprint to the back of the plan to drop out and fly further is getting tedious.  I feel “like butter scraped over too much bread.” (-Bilbo Baggins)  Although it is fun, and I get a lot out of it, training while taking care of two areas worth of people, and being the only companionship for the entire ward is also a little much.  I’m actually kind of happy that God entrusted me with this work.  There’s a lot to do, and we need His help to do it.  So off to work!

Love you guys, adios,
-Elder Elliot Mayo

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