Apostasy and lamentations

Last night I sat pondering the words of Jacob in his address in the second and third chapters of his book.  We just found out about a rather large situation of apostasy within the ward that set my heart ablaze with fury and low with sorrow.  Leadership going apostate is a thing that hurts, but it must be dealt with.  Through this apostate leader, his family, and other families followed.  Now the elders are the only ones left along with the bishop to clean up the mess.

Listening to our leadership is so important.  Who are these men that call themselves bishops, stake presidents, apostles, prophets, and where do they get their authority to tell us what to do?
Fortunately, God knows who the right people are to take care of us.  We don’t have to vote for a man that other people don’t want, because God elects them for us.  They don’t receive anything for their efforts, yet they serve us and help us.  What do we have to lose from taking advice and service from a servant of God chosen by Him?  Nothing!  We just have to humble ourselves to take their advice!
This is where the problem lies.  If anyone decides that they know better than their leadership in spiritual matters, they’re wrong.  Because God has said, “whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.”
Trust your priesthood leaders.  The Lord has promised us blessing by obeying their counsel.

As for me in this week, Elder Natakorn was sick for about three days, so I was at home doing nothing.  I called people, cleaned, cleaned again, finished records, called more people, and read half of Jesus The Christ.  (You now know how long I was there)
We still got three new investigators from English class this week.  It’s such a good resource when applied correctly!

Our investigator Sister Ing is progressing super fast.  I’m way happy with her questions and her willingness to commit.  She came up from English class, so I asked her after class if we could meet with her and teach about Christ.  She’s known the missionaries for a long time now, so she agreed to meet.  First meeting was a little awkward, as I haven’t taught an investigator the basic lessons for a while now.  I had to relearn how to control and teach a lesson.  555 (hahaha)  Now she has a baptismal date for the 10th of July.  She’s working towards it with tremendous speed!  I’m super proud!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and love I’ve felt lately.  I know I’m not alone in this work, even though sometimes Satan slips that feeling in.  I love my example and savior, Jesus Christ.  I love you all.

-Elder Elliot Mayom