“What is the opposite of humility?”

Brother Shipley asked.
I sat there for a second, thinking, then responded in Thai, “Pride!”
“What is pride?”
A few seconds passed, “Dang it.”

Brother Shipley is honestly one of the best teachers I could think of.  Mostly just because of his teaching through love and trust.  
I was having trouble with being a conduit of the Spirit in lessons, and I honestly had no idea how to invite the spirit to teach through me.  I voiced that aloud to my companions, and Brother Shipley had just sat down to help us.  He had me read in Ether 12:25, 27.  We have weaknesses so we may become humble.  I had never heard that before, I just remembered the “become strong” part.  
Then he asked me what humility was, and that quote happened.  :3  We read another verse (can’t remember where, have it marked back at the dorms) that said that being humble was as to being like a child.  Submissive, meek, humble, and in essence, teachable.  We must be teachable and have our hearts open to Christ to have the Spirit teach through us.  I’ve been feeling better ever since, and I haven’t had many problems, really.
I wrote in my journal, “You actually don’t teach anyone.  The Lord does through you.  Be worth yto be a conduit, and trust in Christ to help you.  Be humble, be teachable, and you will find it easy to trust in The Lord.  Success in the mission field is a gift from Heavenly Father.

I’m so excited to get out there and find! 😀

Another quote (one Stu might understand).
Elder Paxton, “Why would you drink two cups of orange juice, and eat three bowls of chili right before sacrament meeting?”
Elder Pratt, “Because I want to make sure every sister in there knows that I’m not available!”